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Tokeo la picha la Diminished Value auto Appraisal wikipedia
The term diminished value is used when a vehicle is involved in an accident and suffers structural, cosmetic or physical damage.  Even if the car is repaired to look like a new one and appear pristine, it will still not be worth as much cash as it had been before the accident.  The difference between the value it was worth before the damage and what it ends up being valued at simply because it had been in an accident is the diminished value of the vehicle. Please read
When trying to sell your car, most states require complete disclosure of accidents which happened to the car.  Most buyers want a car that has never been in an accident and if it has ever been involved in an accident it will get less cash only on account of this fact. Kindly check Austin Diminished Value
There are three main kinds of diminished value that apply to claims in Houston.  These include immediate, inherent and repair associated. Immediate diminished value is stated as the difference in resale value of the automobile due to an accident it was involved in.Inherent diminished value is the reduction of the market value of the automobile in the accident.  It is the most commonly recognized and approved kind of diminished value.  Repair associated diminished value is the depreciated value of the automobile due to improper repairs, poor quality repairs, or items which were left unrepaired. 
Nearly all states make it possible for individuals to submit a diminished value claim following an automobile accident that was not their fault. The two kinds of diminished value insurance claims comprise first party or third party insurance claims.  First party means that the person ruined his own car and their car insurer is paying the claim.  This coverage is dependent upon what is either included or excluded from the coverage field.  Third party insurance claims are if the other party was to blame and the other insurer pays the claim.   
Numerous factors come into deciding what the diminished value adds up to such as the pre-accident state, the age of the car, the value before the accident, mileage and if there were previous accidents. 
It can be hard to pursue a diminished value claims by yourself.  A personal injury lawyer with significant experience can help in getting you the money you deserve for diminished value.  Make sure to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer before the statute of limitations expire. read about diminishing value at